History of


Croatia Deakin Soccer Club was originally founded in 1958 by Croatian immigrants seeking to build a space where their community could socialise and play sport.

The Club became an incorporated body on 5 January 1967 and the original club rooms were officially opened on 11 November 1969, as the first of its kind in Canberra. The Club underwent extensive renovations in the early nineties.

On 10 September 2003 Croatia Deakin Soccer Club Ltd, a company limited by guarantee and owned by the members of the Club, was registered with ASIC and superseded Croatia Deakin Soccer Club Inc which was subsequently deregistered on 8 October 2004. This change in legal structure was approved at an a Extraordinary General Meeting of members held on 15 May 2003 in order to comply with the legal requirements of the Gaming Machine Act 2004 which was ultimately introduced into legislation on 1 November 2004.

Today, Croatia Deakin Soccer Club is the home of Canberra FC, the most successful soccer club in the nation’s capital, and is also a thriving sports and social club trading as Canberra Deakin Football Club.